Live up to the good times and move forward hand in hand


        Thank you focusing on Hongda Group. The moment you click on our website,  you and me are becoming closer. Hongda Group sincerely looks forward to your attention, hand in hand and mutual encouragement.
        After 20 years of development, Hongda Group has always taken over the enterprise tenet of development, win-win, benefiting the people and serving the country. Under the leadership of the chairman, we has gradually moved from establishment, growth to maturity. Our group has developed into a diversified large-scale private enterprise group integrating metal mine development, real estate construction and agricultural development.
        The group's business radiates to Hong Kong, Beijing, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Africa, Uganda and other countries and regions all over the world. Gold, silver, copper, iron, molybdenum, lead, zinc and other mineral products are sold at home and abroad. Organic organic sea buckthorn fungus, and other agricultural products have become health food to promote human health. The real estate works have become urban landmarks.
        The growth and development of Hongda Group could not be separated from the support of governments at all levels, the help of all sectors of society and the unremitting efforts of the group's employees. We have never had stopped developing when we got success and we would never stop our steps. It has always been our goal to devote ourselves to public charity, turn returning to the country and society into an inexhaustible driving force for development, and expand and strengthen enterprise groups. We have been on the road to fight and development.

        The pulse of the development of the times is sonorous and powerful, and the tide of global integration is surging. Standing at the historical intersection of the national "two centenary" goals and in the historical process of completing the long-term goal of 2035, we will closely follow the trend of the times, seize opportunities, forge ahead. Live up to the good times and move forward hand in hand!


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