Domestic business

7 mining companies under the group are mainly engaged in the development of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, iron and other metal mines. They have comprehensive production capabilities such as prospecting, mining, separation, smelting, and tailings recovery, and have domestic and foreign mining production. First-class qualifications and advanced equipment.

Group's seven real estate companies are the development, construction, sales integration of integrated real estate development company. In 2017, Hongda Yulong mansion, a green, low-carbon and high-end residential community, was jointly launched with Country Garden; In 2020, our Group and Country Garden jointly launched a real estate Chinese style community-Country Garden·Guofeng Shengjing; In 2019, the Group sole invested a smart high-end cultural community----- Hongda·Hnalin Academy.

Hong Kong Hongda Industrial Group Co., Ltd., established in October 2011, is engaged in mining development, oil exploitation, real estate construction, commodity trade and other fields; Beijing Xinhong fund Co., Ltd. was established in August 2016 and is unique in the aspect of equity investment (VC) of growing enterprises.

Group agriculture is committed to benefiting agriculture and poverty alleviation.In 2018, Heilongjiang Longjiang Luming Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., a targeted poverty alleviation enterprise jointly built by the group and Longjiang County was rated as the national consumer assured and satisfied brand and China's 3.15 integrity brand by the state.

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