Xinhong Investment 

Beijing Xinhao Investment Co., Ltd., based on "Xinhong Investment" (Fund CODE: P1061167), is established in 2016. It is composed of well-known overseas universities and elites working in securities companies, accounting firms, law firms, tax law research center of Wuhan University, China Tax Lawyers Union and so on. It has maintained long-term and close cooperative relations with excellent investment and financing partners at home and abroad. It provides all-round services for the invested enterprises in market development, corporate governance, follow-up financing and the new third board, and is unique in the equity investment (VC) of growing enterprises.

Hong Kong Hongda 

Hong Kong Hongda Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is located on the 16th floor of China Hong Kong City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The company was incorporated in Hong Kong on October 3, 2011. Taking full advantage of Hong Kong's international metropolitan business advantages, based in Hong Kong, its business scope covers mainland China and many countries and regions around the world, involving mining development, oil exploration, real estate , commodity trade and other fields.

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